Programming at 
PCR Haven

PCR Haven is a sober living house that aims to create a safe community for young adults beginning or returning to college in recovery.  Our house is structured to meet the needs of college students and their varying schedules.    While living in the house, clients will be breathalyzed and drug tested randomly throughout the week by one of     our two live in-house managers, attend weekly community meetings to check in with other residents and host a    Saturday night 12 step meeting for the collegiate community in Philadelphia.  Our meetings are held in the spacious backyard during the summer (bon fires included), and held on our first floor in the winters. 

While living in the residence, clients can meet with the Program Director weekly for case management check ins, help with finding outside resources from therapists to jobs, as well as any college support they may need. Residents are all on Life 360 app to help with accountability as our community is built for residents to have more  autonomy in their day to day scheduling. 

If you are thinking about going back to school, this is the place for you! We will help you with the rest!


Mentoring and Monitoring:

PCR Haven in collaboration with local universities offers a mentoring and monitoring program for students in the area living outside of our residences.  Mentoring and Monitoring is a program that allows students and                     universities to support students that may be teetering the line between an earnest college experimenting and a     more serious substance use habit.  We use a harm reduction model to meet with students weekly or bi-weekly to   check in with them, provide them with pier recovery mentors, as well as regular and randomized drug testing.  These students have access to any haven supports as well as our events.  We work in tandem with school administrators as well as parents that have concerns with their students being away from home.  Our mentoring and monitoring program can easily be modified based on the needs of each individual student accessing support. 


Community Outreach, Collaboration and Education 


We work to unite recovery/wellness services in the Philadelphia area for the benefit young people in recovery as a whole. We collaborate with various treatment providers to promote continuum of care for our students. We hope to serve as ambassadors in the surrounding collegiate community of recovery, that recovery is not only possible but can be an asset. We seek opportunities to provide education on this population to the collegiate community.